Is Your Packaging Line Downtime Costing You? – How Much?

When it comes to productivity and profitability of the business, downtime of your machinery can beat your mind. I understand many horrible thoughts have come to your mind because if the word downtime like low productivity, missing deadlines of your orders, exhausted workforce, fragmented material, no chance of sales and profit, and many other disasters. All these elements are affected by packaging line downtime.

Losing Employees Due to Downtime

The first thing you (as a company) see because of the packaging line downtime is the low morale and frustration of your machinery team members. Many enthusiastic workers, machine operators, line led, team lead, and other people who run these lines get affected by the unavailability. Most of the team members love to chase their targets, feel pride in their work and have a sense of ownership in the tasks feel down when the company cannot meet the deadlines and finish their orders on time. Well, in such cases, the team members and works feel apologetic because they could not have controlled the things and done the duties as they were supposed to do. In such a scenario, you can lose your loyal and diligent workers. They look for other jobs if you could not able to fix the packaging line. Replacing employees can be expensive for your business. You have to recruit a new human workforce with high salaries.

Overtime of Employees Cost you

This is another tragedy for the businesses. When you face a downtime period, it cost your for many things, you can lose your industrious employees, you lose your profit, you cannot meet the deadlines, you need extra budget for the maintenance and repair of machinery, and last but not the least overtime package for employees.

It is not a happy feeling for a person to go back to the office on weekends. Many people want to work on holidays because they know they will get paid extra.

This is the reason they want to work on weekends. When your packaging line downtimes, then you have to pay extra to your employees to finish the orders and meet the deadlines. Thus, spend your money on the health and maintenance of your machinery, so you can save profit from the overtime salaries.

Where is the Problem in your Packaging Line and Who Knows it?

Well, the machinery workers and the packaging team are the closest to the lines. They know well and each and everything about the packaging line. Therefore, you should ask them about the problems. Most of the time, they know solutions to these issues. You should hear them and their opinion regarding repair and maintenance. Therefore, you have to retain a good and reliable human workforce. Dedicated and committed employees do not work at the place where machinery or equipment are down usually. So, spend on the maintenance of the packaging line.

Maintenance of the Packaging Line

The paramount policy to avoid downtime, retain your industrious employees, and cherish loyal customers, pay focus on the maintenance of the packaging line. You can only combat the unexpected machinery break down when you have a preventative maintenance program. It can reduce the cost and unavailability of machinery to a high extend. This program ensures that your company has efficient equipment, you are meeting the KPIs, and producing a high-quality product.

If you get failed in implementing your preventive maintenance plan, then you will have to face a longer downtime time and its consequences. The timely maintenance and repair process for the packaging line can reduce stress and increase efficiency.