What is Individually Quick Frozen? Its Uses and Applications

Everyone wants a safe solution for freezing their food. There are various packages you can use for freezing your food. There is a recent word IQF, you might have heard, or might have not. This is a kind of packaging, wonderful for frozen food. Do you know about it? Is it the right choice for your food? How does it work? So, writing is here to tell you all about individually quick frozen food packaging.

When it comes to freezing and preserving the food, there are hundreds of options. By the time, the research and innovative departments are comping up with unique, new, and appealing ideas. Well, food is one of the sensitive topics for everyone. It directly relates to the health of a human being. Nobody can compromise on freshness and healthy meals. In no case, a person will eat stale or unhealthy food. Thus, food packaging companies are conscious, alert, and innovative to keep the customers’ choices and demands in the mind. Well, you have heard about conventional food packagings such as tins, cans, jars, bottles, and plastic wraps.


Well, by the time, preservation of food and keeping all the ingredients fresh is becoming a challenge for all the food packaging brands. Therefore, the most simple and popular idea to store food and keep it fresh is freezing it. Many customers get worried when they see vegetables in frozen packages. They think that their nutrients are not preserves, and they cannot enjoy the natural flavors of these veggies. Well, this should not be your concern anymore. The advanced food packaging is preserving all the natural flavors, nutrients, and freshness of vegetables, fish, meat, sweet corn, peas, and fruits.

Individually Quick Frozen – IQF

The IQF is a type of food packaging that has designed to freeze and preserve the vegetables and meat without producing ice crystals inside the package. In this system, every individual piece of food like peas or corn freeze separately. Thus, it does not allow ice bricks to spoil the natural taste of veggies. This food packaging has cutting edge technology in frozen eatables applications. Thus, we must say that Individually Quick Food is one of the best processes to freeze and preserve the food.

Different Ways for Freezing Food in IQF

Well, there are different ways companies use to freeze the food. A few of the methods are:

  • Plate freezing.
  • Blast cooling.
  • Tunnel freezing.
  • Fluid-bed freezing.
  • Cryogenics
  • Dehydro freezing.

You can choose a freezing method for your food. Every way has different constraints regarding cost, storage, and type of food.

Uses and Applications

Individually quick frozen packaging is best for all types of foods. Moreover, it’s the cost is negotiable. You can select everything according to your budget and financial limits. As it has made for every individual food item; therefore, it freezes your every eatable incredibly. Every single item will be fresh and full of natural flavors.

For example, if you want to freeze a batch of peas, every single pea will store, preserve, and freeze individually. It does not mix up with the entire batch and spoil the appearance, shape, and taste. Therefore, it has brought easiness and efficiency in freezing all the food items like seafood, lobster, prawns, plumbs, blueberries, corn, salmon, peas, and pork.

Well, thanks to technology, the speed of freezing food is getting high. Now, you can freeze several items quickly. The speed has significantly changed. Modern freezing technology has evolved and changed speed, quality, and cost.

The IQF works very fast and freezes the food with the technology of blast freezing. This is one of the quickest methods to store food items. The ultra-cold and ultra-fast freezing methods quickly freeze the tiny water drops into ice crystals. The water turns into ice in 30 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit or -1 to -4ยบ Celsius.

The methods are safe for shrimps, prawns, corn, peas, lobsters, beef, chicken, blackberries, blueberries, oysters, and strawberries.