What are Flexible Food Pouches and Paperboard Food Boxes?

Every food packaging and food businesses are always looking for something incredible for their eatables. Their research for appropriate and flawless packaging continues all the time. Well, we have worked diligently in this field. So, we can help you out in your search and suggest some best food packaging names.

Many of you do not know about the flexible food packaging and paperboard food packaging, and a few of you are confused between both of them. Well, every product and filming has some benefits for some special kind of food. Therefore, you can pick out the best according to your food item’s demand.

Flexible Food Pouches

The flexible food pouches have made of metal, plastics, or foils. Manufacturers may use some other kind of materials, however, there are some primary ingredients. These are also famous with the name of one-time-use bags. The flexible pouches have been used in the packaging of snacks, drinks, energy drinks, chips, and many other foods and beverages. These are the famous packaging designs since the 90s for a drink. The opening and sealing of the flexible pouches are comfortable and convenient. Moreover, you have seen these packagings for chips, snacks, butter, truffles, candies, fruits, kettle chips, energy shots, kids juices, wheat crackers, crispy foods, and many more beverages.

The best part of the flexible food pouches is that they are less harmful to the environment. Moreover, every business even a newbie can afford this packaging. The materials come in your financial limitations. Well, by the time, due to its eco-friendly nature, it is becoming an expensive option for food packaging. You might have seen these packets on the shelves of superstores and malls. These are best in providing your relief in opening and sealing of the package. They provide less wrap rage to the customer. Therefore, a consumer does not feel anger while opening the pouch.

Pros of Flexible Food Pouches

Here are a few plus points of flexible food packaging. Dig into these heads and find out the best of it:

  • Less-expensive.
  • Easy to ship.
  • Wonderful graphics and customized printing are available.
  • It takes less time and space in landfills.
  • No wrap rage.
  • Easy to open and seal.

Cons of Flexible Food Pouches

The following are a few cons of flexible packaging:

  • Almost impossible to recycle because of the material.
  • It takes a thousand years to breakdown in the landfill.
  • It can change the flavor of food and beverages.
  • Not the right choice for luxury packaging.

Paperboard Food Boxes

The paperboard food packaging a very famous name among all the generations. Many of us have grown up eating snacks in paperboard boxes. Therefore, this is not something new to all of us. If you do not remember the food that comes in paperboard packages, then let me recall it for you, a few examples are crackers, cereals, and snacks. Therefore, customers are brands that are quite well aware of the name, material, and its convenience. It has different shapes and designs. However, they usually come in square and rectangular boxes. By the time, they have unique shapes of containers like hexagonal, triangular, and round boxes. Thus, many snacks have served in these beautiful designs and colors.

Well, the paperboard food boxes have made of paperboard and colored film windows. Through this window, a customer can look into the box. Thus, a consumer knows what is in the package before buying it.

Pros of Paperboard Food Boxes

The following are some benefits of paperboard food packaging suPplies:

  • Recyclable.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Customized printing is available.
  • Branding through the boxes.

Cons of Paperboard Food Boxes

Here are a few cons for paperboard food boxes:

  • It releases higher carbon footprints than plastic.
  • It creates a lot of methane while rotting in lands.

Wonderful Ways for E-Commerce Packaging to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience for Customers

When it comes to e-commerce business, a company connects to its customers through packaging. In this era, businesses are working virtually; therefore, they need to leave marks on the minds of consumers through packaging and unboxing experience. In online shopping, people do not come to shops and take a glimpse of your fancy settings and luxury interiors, they only recognize your name and dedication through the first glance of the packaging.

There was a time when boxing was used to preserve the content inside the box. Well, now this is a new strategy to advertise your item and make your small business into a brand. Now, the packaging does not serve a single purpose. A luxury and exquisite unboxing experience can make you a remarkable brand, your profit can spike to the sky. A memorable packaging has the potential to turn your days within no time. Thus, this could be one of the best sides of e-commerce companies you might have overlooked.

Branded Packaging

Branded packaging does not serve the only purpose of vigorous material of boxes. It has a combination of beautiful wrapping, sturdy material, ability to imprint memories, vigilant selection of shipping, pleasing your customers, creating a positive impression of your product, connecting with your customer, and marketing your brand with greetings and graphics.

In your physical shops and landmarks, you can delight your customers and grab their attention through words, exhibiting your products, and fulfilling their needs; however, in online businesses, it is quite an impossible sort of thing. You cannot show the original products, you post the pictures, and their specification. Thus, it is paramount to grab and delight through innovative techniques. Well, a memorable unboxing experience and a robust packaging can help you out. You can win over your competitors if you use unique and impressive branded packaging for your products.

How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience?

Here are some hints for your brand to leave an impressive mark on your customers. You can adopt all of them or any of them, according to your need and budget. Anyhow, I am sure that these heads will be going to help you with your profit and business enhancement.

1. Unique and Sturdy Packaging

The first and the paramount point for every e-commerce business is having a sturdy packaging. This is the first thing that can potentially ruin your image, customer, and product. Thus, you can print graphics, designs, and logos to make your customers wow. Moreover, you can use colorful adhesive tapes and some other beautiful ribbons on your packaging.

2. Wrapping the Products in Tissue Papers

Well, after opening a box, when a customer sees a beautiful wrapping of the products, it excites them. You can please your customers by covering your items in a tissue paper, gift sheet, colorful bubble wrap, or any other beautiful sheet.

3. Fillers in the Box

You can fill your box to secure the product and make it beautiful. You can use bubble wraps, air pilows, styrofoams, packaging peanuts, foam inserts, ribbons, and crinkle papers. It is up to the nature of the product as well.

4. Stickers or Greeting Cards

You can paste stickers on the boxes to make it a little more innovative. You can customized cards and stickers for your customers. Moreover, you can imprint your promotional deals on the stickers. When it comes to greeting cards, this is one of the best ideas to delight your customer.

5. Hand Written Note or a Gift

You can place a handwritten note in the box. You can share your joy and excitement with your customers. You can thank them and urge them to shop again from you. Moreover, you can add a small gift for them as your lovely gesture. Moreover, you can inform customers regarding discounts through notes. You can send them coupons and free samples to introduce you to new items.

What is Individually Quick Frozen? Its Uses and Applications

Everyone wants a safe solution for freezing their food. There are various packages you can use for freezing your food. There is a recent word IQF, you might have heard, or might have not. This is a kind of packaging, wonderful for frozen food. Do you know about it? Is it the right choice for your food? How does it work? So, writing is here to tell you all about individually quick frozen food packaging.

When it comes to freezing and preserving the food, there are hundreds of options. By the time, the research and innovative departments are comping up with unique, new, and appealing ideas. Well, food is one of the sensitive topics for everyone. It directly relates to the health of a human being. Nobody can compromise on freshness and healthy meals. In no case, a person will eat stale or unhealthy food. Thus, food packaging companies are conscious, alert, and innovative to keep the customers’ choices and demands in the mind. Well, you have heard about conventional food packagings such as tins, cans, jars, bottles, and plastic wraps.


Well, by the time, preservation of food and keeping all the ingredients fresh is becoming a challenge for all the food packaging brands. Therefore, the most simple and popular idea to store food and keep it fresh is freezing it. Many customers get worried when they see vegetables in frozen packages. They think that their nutrients are not preserves, and they cannot enjoy the natural flavors of these veggies. Well, this should not be your concern anymore. The advanced food packaging is preserving all the natural flavors, nutrients, and freshness of vegetables, fish, meat, sweet corn, peas, and fruits.

Individually Quick Frozen – IQF

The IQF is a type of food packaging that has designed to freeze and preserve the vegetables and meat without producing ice crystals inside the package. In this system, every individual piece of food like peas or corn freeze separately. Thus, it does not allow ice bricks to spoil the natural taste of veggies. This food packaging has cutting edge technology in frozen eatables applications. Thus, we must say that Individually Quick Food is one of the best processes to freeze and preserve the food.

Different Ways for Freezing Food in IQF

Well, there are different ways companies use to freeze the food. A few of the methods are:

  • Plate freezing.
  • Blast cooling.
  • Tunnel freezing.
  • Fluid-bed freezing.
  • Cryogenics
  • Dehydro freezing.

You can choose a freezing method for your food. Every way has different constraints regarding cost, storage, and type of food.

Uses and Applications

Individually quick frozen packaging is best for all types of foods. Moreover, it’s the cost is negotiable. You can select everything according to your budget and financial limits. As it has made for every individual food item; therefore, it freezes your every eatable incredibly. Every single item will be fresh and full of natural flavors.

For example, if you want to freeze a batch of peas, every single pea will store, preserve, and freeze individually. It does not mix up with the entire batch and spoil the appearance, shape, and taste. Therefore, it has brought easiness and efficiency in freezing all the food items like seafood, lobster, prawns, plumbs, blueberries, corn, salmon, peas, and pork.

Well, thanks to technology, the speed of freezing food is getting high. Now, you can freeze several items quickly. The speed has significantly changed. Modern freezing technology has evolved and changed speed, quality, and cost.

The IQF works very fast and freezes the food with the technology of blast freezing. This is one of the quickest methods to store food items. The ultra-cold and ultra-fast freezing methods quickly freeze the tiny water drops into ice crystals. The water turns into ice in 30 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit or -1 to -4ยบ Celsius.

The methods are safe for shrimps, prawns, corn, peas, lobsters, beef, chicken, blackberries, blueberries, oysters, and strawberries.

Is Your Packaging Line Downtime Costing You? – How Much?

When it comes to productivity and profitability of the business, downtime of your machinery can beat your mind. I understand many horrible thoughts have come to your mind because if the word downtime like low productivity, missing deadlines of your orders, exhausted workforce, fragmented material, no chance of sales and profit, and many other disasters. All these elements are affected by packaging line downtime.

Losing Employees Due to Downtime

The first thing you (as a company) see because of the packaging line downtime is the low morale and frustration of your machinery team members. Many enthusiastic workers, machine operators, line led, team lead, and other people who run these lines get affected by the unavailability. Most of the team members love to chase their targets, feel pride in their work and have a sense of ownership in the tasks feel down when the company cannot meet the deadlines and finish their orders on time. Well, in such cases, the team members and works feel apologetic because they could not have controlled the things and done the duties as they were supposed to do. In such a scenario, you can lose your loyal and diligent workers. They look for other jobs if you could not able to fix the packaging line. Replacing employees can be expensive for your business. You have to recruit a new human workforce with high salaries.

Overtime of Employees Cost you

This is another tragedy for the businesses. When you face a downtime period, it cost your for many things, you can lose your industrious employees, you lose your profit, you cannot meet the deadlines, you need extra budget for the maintenance and repair of machinery, and last but not the least overtime package for employees.

It is not a happy feeling for a person to go back to the office on weekends. Many people want to work on holidays because they know they will get paid extra.

This is the reason they want to work on weekends. When your packaging line downtimes, then you have to pay extra to your employees to finish the orders and meet the deadlines. Thus, spend your money on the health and maintenance of your machinery, so you can save profit from the overtime salaries.

Where is the Problem in your Packaging Line and Who Knows it?

Well, the machinery workers and the packaging team are the closest to the lines. They know well and each and everything about the packaging line. Therefore, you should ask them about the problems. Most of the time, they know solutions to these issues. You should hear them and their opinion regarding repair and maintenance. Therefore, you have to retain a good and reliable human workforce. Dedicated and committed employees do not work at the place where machinery or equipment are down usually. So, spend on the maintenance of the packaging line.

Maintenance of the Packaging Line

The paramount policy to avoid downtime, retain your industrious employees, and cherish loyal customers, pay focus on the maintenance of the packaging line. You can only combat the unexpected machinery break down when you have a preventative maintenance program. It can reduce the cost and unavailability of machinery to a high extend. This program ensures that your company has efficient equipment, you are meeting the KPIs, and producing a high-quality product.

If you get failed in implementing your preventive maintenance plan, then you will have to face a longer downtime time and its consequences. The timely maintenance and repair process for the packaging line can reduce stress and increase efficiency.

Four Most Popular Choices for Snack Food Packaging

When it comes to snack packaging, there is no limitation. We have seen thousands of unique designs and styles for snack food packing. Thus, it is evident that there is an expansive universe for snack food packaging.

Well, there is a variety of materials, shapes, and designs for snack food packaging. You have seen metal, glass, paperboard, flexible, and many more packages for the food. In this article, you will see the most popular and favorable choices for your food. Readout their pros and cons, and select the best and appropriate for your snacks.

Flexible Pouches

Flexible food pouches have made of metal, foil, or plastics. Ther are also known as stand up pouches. Flexible food pouches are used for snacks, foods, and drinks. You might have seen these packages in your favorite foods like granola and Capri sun. These are popular for food packing for ages. They are versatile in shapes, colors, graphics, designs, and sizes. These are best for chocolates, crackers, mixes snacks, chips, candies, crips, and any other type of snack. Moreover, they release a very low impact on the environment. However, flexible food pouches are quite affordable than other options like glass and paperboard.

Pros f Flexible Snack Food Packaging

  • Releases low carbon footprints.
  • Economical.
  • No wrap rage.
  • Easy to open and seal.
  • Multiple options for printing and graphics.
  • Full branding facility.

Cons of Flexible Food Packaging

  • Hard to recycle.
  • Not suitable for luxury food packaging.
  • It can affect the original flavors of snacks and beverages.

Paperboard Snack Boxes

Paperboard packaging has made of papers and other clear window material. These are well-known for many foods such as chips, cereals, biscuits, and other snacks. They have quite amazing shapes and designs like round, square, hexagonal, and rectangular. Paperboard food boxes are safe for your snacks as they are sturdy and do not affect the flavors of food. The beautiful feature of these packagings is they have a small plastic window at the top to sneak in the box. A customer can look at the food inside the packet before buying it. You have seen many of these boxes on the shelves of stores and malls.

Pros of Paperboard Snack Boxes

  • Easy to open and seal.
  • Variety in designs, colors, and shapes.
  • Availablity is easy.
  • Branding through the boxes is available.

Cons f Paperboard Snack Boxes

  • These are a little expensive than flexible pouches.
  • Releases high carbon footprints.
  • Releases methane which is harmful to the environment.

Hard Plastic Food Containers

A hard plastic container is another famous packaging for food and snacks. They have various sizes, shapes, designs, and styles. Moreover, they have innovative features for the lid opening. They have usually pop-off lid which provides a convenient opening and closing experience. They have made of recyclable plastics. The sealing of the hard plastic containers protects the food from contamination. You must have seen them on chocolates, nuts, dry fruits, candy, seeds, pretzels crips, chips, and other mixed snacks packaging.

Pros of Hard Plastic Food Containers

  • Low to zero wrap rage.
  • Protects against contamination.
  • Easy to recycle.
  • Easy to reseal.

Cons of Hard Plastic Food Containers

  • A little costly.
  • Release high carbon footprints.
  • Expensive for shipping.

Glass Food Containers

Glass containers for food and beverages are quite popular around the globe. Moreover, they showcase an elegant first glimpse. Customers love buying food in glass bottles and jars. We all have seen many glass containers for juices, drinks, energy drinks, fruits, corn, olives, pickles, and other eatables. However, they release high carbon footprints. Moreover, they are expensive, hard to manage, and ship. Thus, they have been used as luxury packaging for beverages, snacks, and other food items.

Pros of Glass Food Containers

  • Recyclable.
  • Elegant looks.
  • Luxury packaging.
  • Easy to open and reseal.

Cons of Glass Food Containers

  • Expensive to source and ship.
  • Release high carbon footprints.
  • Hard to manage and ship.
  • Fragile and breakable.
  • Prone to cracking and breaking.
  • Needs extra space in the warehouse.

Ovenable Food Packaging Films – Its Uses and Applications

Ovenable Food Packaging

Ovenable packaging is top seals for eatables. When food is an ovenable film, you can directly put the food into an oven. Food is safe in the ovenable packaging. Moreover, no need to remove the lid or package warm up your meal in an oven with the film.

The packaging world is innovating day by day. Every small product needs its filming and covering. Therefore, companies are looking for food packaging solutions. Thus, this topic is also heating up in the packaging, cardboard, and film industry. Possibly, you have heard this word, and want to grab some more information on ovenable food packaging. There is variety in the types, shapes, and designs. Moreover, if you are running a food business, you might have used the wrong or an inappropriate film for your eatables. Well, stick to the article and choose the right ovenable food packaging for you.

Elements you Should Consider While Selecting Ovenable Packaging

Here are a few elements you should observe when you choose ovenable packaging for your food items.

The following are a few essential things:

  • Wrapping
  • Heat Constraints
  • Cost
  • Compatibility with the packaging machinery (you use already in your industry).

We are gleeful to share with you that we are in the business of packaging films for a long. We have quite good knowledge of ovenable packaging, its types, and the best sellers for them. Therefore, until the end of this article, you will be able to buy the right one for your food products.

Ovenable food packaging has designed for home-cooked style food. The demand for the “bake in the container foods” is getting high. Customers want simple with high quality and healthy ingredients for their meal such as pot roast chicken, roasted and stir-fried veggies, potatoes, and pies. Well, every customer and food business owner wants that their food should be fresh and packed when they receive it on their table. Thus, ovenable packaging provides you with covered, safe, and fresh meals. When it comes to heating the ovenable films, they can bear the temperature up to 225 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the packages have used high-def flexography for printing logos, designs, food introductions, and brand names. It reduced the waste material and provides a tempting appearance.

The ingredients in the ovenable packaging take no preparation time. The marination of food in the container is easy, you do not need to prick the lid before sending it to the oven. All the items, spices, and ingredients remain fresh and moist in ovenable food packaging. Things do not change color, flavor, and freshness in the ovenable film. Moreover, you can quickly prepare your meal in the oven without putting an effort or waiting for marination. Take out the food packed in the ovenable packaging from the freezer, and directly put it into the oven. The sealing of the package is quite amazing, it does not allow steam to vent out. Thus, the aroma, moisture, and freshness stay in the food.

Some Brands of Ovenable Food Packaging

As the market of packaging is growing, many new and high-quality brands for ovenable food packaging are also popping up. Some remarkable names are:

KM Ovenable Packaging

KMP has launched the ovenable food packaging under the Super Guard Film. This product knows the customers’ demands very well and can meet their expectations. Families can prepare healthy and fresh food within no time.

Cryovac Ovenable Packaging

Cryovac is another brand that has introduced ovenable food packaging under the name Ovenable Bag. This packaging has seasoned herbs and spices on the food. While heating the packet, the herbs get cooked inside the film. You can quickly prepare your dinner in these bags.