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Every customer throughout the globe wants a flawless and undamaged parcel at the doorstep. To keep your customers happy and fulfilling their desires, you have to ship perfect items at their addresses. Well, every brand and company also wants to make customers’ shopping experience happy and to retain them, they try to deliver sound and unbroken products. To rise and shine in the business world, you have to make your customers satisfied. Well, damaged products can annoy the consumers and most probably you can lose them.

Well, the world is connected now due to the efforts of technology. You can do your business across the border. Customers can buy products from their homes and they get delivered on their doorstep. But, packages have to cover long distances to reach their destinations. And during travels, the boxes go through different ups and downs, accidents, and mishandlings. Thus, they do not reach perfectly always. Sometimes, a consumer receives a broken and damaged item that raises their anger and exasperate them. Well, this article is all about delivering perfect orders, avoiding small mistakes that can lead to damaged products, and how to reduce the risk of broken items.

Products Get Damaged – Why?

Now, due to the ease in technology, everyone loves buying things online. The trend of e-commerce is rising, especially in the time of Covid-19. This pandemic has changed the dynamics of jobs and shopping. Everyone is buying their daily household items, medicines, groceries, dresses, and everything they need from their smartphones. Thus, this has given the burden on shipping companies. They have to pack multiple orders daily quickly. The laborers in the warehouses are overburden; therefore, to fulfill the daily orders, they quickly throw packages in vans, trucks, and from one person to second to pass on the. Well, this mishandling has spiked the threats of damaged products. Moreover, this is a quiet sensitive situation for fragile items. They get broken quickly as compared to others. Thus while loading and unloading many boxes get torn and items inside get broken. Moreover, during travels, several moves, skits, and accidents can destroy the content of the packages.

Evaluation of Damages

When it comes to delivering flawless and perfect products to your customers, you have to work diligently while packaging the orders. Look into the small details of boxes like adhesive, tapping, appropriate size, and you should know how to ship the fragile and non-fragile item. Well, these are a few mistakes you do while shipping the orders:

Empty Space in the Box

Usually, many brands and shipping companies do this mistake. They choose a large size box for a small item. Thus, the product moves inside the package during transport. This spikes the chance of breaking the item inside the box; moreover, you have to pay some extra for the big size of the box. You should select the proper size of the package according to the shape and size of the item; moreover, if you have some space in the box, fill it with extra padding. The item inside the packaging should not move at any cost.

No Use of Air Pillows and other Protective Packaging

Many brands and logistics companies do not know the importance of protective packaging. An item can get broken during shipping due to the mishandling of the box or poor packaging. Thus, while boxing your products, use foam peanuts, protective foams, and air pillows to safeguard the item.

Poor Handling of Packages

Every package either the item is fragile or not, needs safe and vigilant handling. Labors and workers in the warehouses mishandle boxes, that is why the products get damaged before reaching their destination.

Humidity and Water Affects

Well, the humidity in the air can spoil the products. This is a dangerous situation for foods, beverages, and other eatables. Therefore, select a safe and sturdy packaging material to avoid unwanted damages.